Thursday, March 30, 2017

3 benefits of Complying with Business Law

The numerous laws governing businesses can seem overwhelming for the owners of small business. Without the scope or capital for an in-house legal department, it comes down to you to ensure compliance, and if you lack understanding on your own part, this can cause significant problems.

However, business law is not something to be brushed under the carpet and forgotten about. Used to protect the rights of consumers and companies alike, a failure to comply with it could easily be levied against you if a dispute should arise, with some very serious and unpleasant consequences for you and your small business.

If you haven’t been paying attention until now, here are just a few of the reasons why you might want to make an extra effort to familiarise yourself with these important statutes.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Personal Review of Longines Watches

I have long been a fan of Longines watches. Longines are impeccably made and stylish timepieces. Longines watches are affordable Swiss watches for the average consumer, but being affordable doesn't mean you have to forgo quality.

Longines have been making quality watches since 1832. In 1912 Longines made history in the world of sports by introducing the concept of an electric wire, which at the start and finish of a race, activated and stopped a timing mechanism. This innovation in timekeeping by Longines has ensured that Longines have been appointed official timekeepers at many of the world's top sporting events. Longines sports watches reflect this sporting history. But Longines also make many elegant watches for both men and women; I think Longines watches for women are especially beautiful. The current collection of Longines watches reflect this.

The DolceVita collection by Longines is simple and elegant in design. The face is rectangular with simple hour markers. The DolceVita dial comes in black, white or pink mother of pearl. The case comes in stainless steel, although you can buy a gold case set with 32 Top Wesselton diamonds (0.32 carat) - this comes with matching gold bracelet. Stainless steel versions can also be bought with inlaid diamonds and come with either stainless steel bracelets or white or black lacquered leather strap. Some versions of the Longines DolceVita can be worn by men, but it is as an elegant ladies watch that the Longines DolceVita truly comes into its own.

Longines claim that the Evidenza is invocative of the 1920s. I feel there is some justification in this as the facia of the watch does seem to be old fashioned - but not out-of-date. The tonneau shape of the case goes back to a Longines model dating from 1911; the tonneau shape being an oval with flattened ends. The pre owned Longines Evidenza is suitable for both men and women. The casing is stainless steel although there is a ladies gold version set 44, 0.22 carat, diamonds. The Longines Evidenza comes with either a quartz or self-winding movement. My favourite Evidenza is the one that comes in a stainless steel case with dark brown alligator strap, enhanced by 12 blue painted Arabic numerals. This model also features a moon-phase display with a 31-day calendar at 6 o'clock as well as day of the week and month apertures at 12 o'clock - a very nice watch.

The Longines BelleArti is a truly elegant ladies watch. I am fortunate enough to have been able to buy my wife a Longines BelleArti watch for her birthday. The BelleArti range are simple and understated, evoking memories of the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. The dial comes in black, silver or mother-of-pearl. All dials feature 11 Arabic figures, a second subdial at 6 o'clock and "Cathedral" hands. Some models are available with inlaid diamonds - my wife's watch is without. The casing of the Longines BelleArti is rectangular with a sight curvature of the sides, lending the whole watch a very feminie feel.

La Grande Classique de Longines styling calls much upon the earlier design traditions of Longines. The casing is a simple circle and comes in either stainless steel or gold - some models come with inlaid diamonds. As you might expect, for this classical style of watch, the faces come in black, white or mother of pearl. The Logines Grande Classique is definitely for thise of prefer the look of a more traditional watch.

The Longines LungoMare is for those who like a more modern looking watch. There is a ladies verion of this watch. The casing is round and comes only in stainless steel. The LungoMare is also water resitant to 100 meters. I really like the LungoMare. It's pure understated style. It avoids stylistic gimmicks, such as big crowns, over-sized hands and cluttered facia. This watch rivals such makes as Breitling, Tag Heuer and Rolex but priced at a more realistic price for consumers.

Longines also make the the Lingbergh watch. It commemorates the first flight across the Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh. Personally I don't like commemorative watches and I'm not a fan of the design of this watch either.

The Longines Master collection appeals to those who want the most functionality out of their watch. Most watches in this collection come with complications, self-winding mechanical movements beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour, with a rated power reserve of 42 hours. Many also come with a chronograph function. I feel the Longines Master collection is for those who want the best from what Longines has to offer.

All longines watches come with sapphire glass and superb movements. And Longines offer a broad range of designs to choose from, unlike other swiss watch makers. I like Longines watches: Longines make owning a quality Swiss affordable for the average consumer.

Friday, March 17, 2017

6 Options to Obtain Financing for Business with Bad Credit

Financing is a life blood of any business. You have to be able to tap into external funding sources to grow your business. Unfortunately many businesses, particularly those with bad credit are not able to obtain conventional financing due to strict restrictions. Recent developments have enabled many of these type of businesses to obtain the badly needed money. Keep in mind that the interest rates will be high when you try to finance your business through this alternate routes. Shop around for the best rates possible. Here are 6 unconventional options you have available for business with bad credit.

1. Private Lenders

Getting financing from someone you know can be daunting. You will have to make a list of people you think that will be able to afford to lend you money. It is not an impossible process. The answer is closer than you think. You can use a former employer. They have the money and the means to lend you cash.
Some of them give personal loans. They know who you are, so they are familiar with your character. They will find out if you are worth the risk based on your work history and attitude. They will have their attorney draw up an agreement for you to sign.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

3 Primary Elements of a Successful Business

It is now commonplace for people to turn to the world of business. Whether you want to further your career, or you just have a fantastic idea, it makes no difference. Getting into business is often the best way to make that dream come true. Starting up your own business has many ups and downs. In truth, it is not short of trials and tribulations – and it is wise to be prepared for those times from the outset. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s all bad news. On the whole, setting up a business is an exciting time for everyone involved. While there is lots to take on board, if you approach it in the right way, it will be a joy. If you are currently thinking of starting your own business, then you are probably keen to get as much advice as possible. This is a good sign, as it is those who do not seek advice who tend to fail. One of the main areas you should be concerned with is knowing where to put your time and energy. That is where we will be helping you out today.

If you are wondering what the most important elements are to the running of a business, then read on. Here are the main factors you need to get right to succeed.


You will, at various stages in your business life, hear the maxim that people are the core of business. The reason you will hear that such a lot is because it is one hundred percent true. For that reason, it is wise to take it on board when you do come across it, no matter how many times you have heard it. People are the crux of your business. With a little thought, it’s not difficult to see why that might be the case. After all, without any people whatsoever, there would be no business to speak of. However, it goes beyond that.

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